Spinach- Spinach- Spinach

People often cast spinach as the prototypical “bad tasting vegetable.” Due to large amounts of steamed, limp and frozen spinach out there it is hardly any wonder the vegetable has a bad rap.

Spinach is part of the Goosefoot family, named for the shape of their leaves.


Well-prepared spinach can be lively, crunchy, sweet and full of nuanced flavor. Not to mention the abundance of vitamins C, A & K and your daily intake of manganese and folate.

At Spring Rain Farm and Orchard in Chimacum, Washington, we currently have an entire greenhouse dedicated to spinach production.




The leaves are harvested individually with a knife so the plant will re-grow for the following harvest.

Three varieties of spinach flourish in the warmer greenhouse environment: Carmel, Abundant Bloomsdale and Red Kitten.


Carmel (above right) is deep green and flat leafed with a rich, deep flavor. The leaf is reminiscent of an arrowhead and it is a ‘sure-shot’ to hit the bull’s-eye at dinner.

Abundant Bloomsdale (bottom left) is a crinkled, or savoyed, variety of spinach. It looks so bouncy that you just want to grab a leaf and give it a squeeze. This springy quality contributes to a fantastic mouth feel.


Red Kitten (above right) is a real looker: a rounded, flat leaf with beautiful red veins. This kitty cat pops with sweet full-bodied flavor that will leave you wanting more

If your relationship with spinach is on the rocks, I encourage you to find some of the good stuff and kindle a new flame.





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