This is a story that started on the hip, salty streets of Oakland and the sweaty, blue hills of the Capay Valley;  is a love story that ended in a vegetable patch. All were drawn to the dream of producing food in a way that connects people to the land.



Dylan originally hails from Vancouver BC. He enjoys cooking on the open fire and reading in hammocks. He is most often found wearing a scraggly beard and a pair of fancy flip-flops.

Li blog

Li grew up on the foggy coast of Monterey, California. Her favorite cooking style is asian fusion, most likely a by-product of the fusion between her Taiwanese mother and Irish-German father. She can often be found strumming an instrument or tending to her flowers.

Ruv blog
Ruven spends most of his time letting people know that his name is spelled with a V and not a B. He followed his older brother state-side after graduating university and has been farming ever since. On any given day he can be found catching and releasing small creatures, building rabbit hutches, fixing his 94′ Toyota pickup and wishing he had a horse to ride.

This blog is a collection of their experiences and thoughts on farming.


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